Sometimes My Head Hurts performed by Dee Mulrooney County Cork Ireland

Feature Reader Poetry Bridge April 2018

My Dreamy Ride performed on St Patrick’s Day 2019 at The Parliament Tavern


C&P Coffee Seattle Washington 2nd Wednesdays 7pm

Drunken Owl Theater at The Parliament Tavern West Seattle March 17 7:00pm

Fall/Summer 2018

Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library ~ Journal Release Event                   Indianapolis, Indiana               . November 10    noon

Ashland Public Library ~ Reading Summer Series                                     Ashland, Ohio                           July 26             3:00pm

Slam Free or Die                                                                                   Manchester, New Hampshire      July 19              9:00pm

Open Mic @Empire                                                                               Portland, Maine                          July 9                9:00pm

C&P Celebration  ~  Exquisite Corpse Contributor                                 Seattle, Washington                   June  17            5:00pm


Winter 2018

Mac’s Triangle Pub - Richard Hugo’s Hometown Birthday White Center, Washington December 21 7:00pm

Poetry Bridge Times @ C&P Coffee Seattle Washington 2nd Wednesdays 7:00pmS