Sometimes My Head Hurts performed by Dee Mulrooney County Cork Ireland

Feature Reader Poetry Bridge April 2018

My Dreamy Ride performed on St Patrick’s Day 2019 at The Parliament Tavern


DOTLit at the Parliament Seattle Washington July 21 7pm

C&P Coffee North American Kick Off Poems of Protest Seattle Washington July 17 7pm

by Last Bench Journal UK

DOTLit at The Parliament Tavern Seattle Washington June 16 7pm

Slam Free or Die at The Bookery Manchester NH May 15 6pm

C&P Coffee Seattle Washington 2nd Wednesdays 7pm

Drunken Owl Theater at The Parliament Tavern West Seattle March 17 7pm

Fall/Summer 2018

Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library ~ Journal Release Event                   Indianapolis, Indiana               . November 10    noon

Ashland Public Library ~ Reading Summer Series                                     Ashland, Ohio                           July 26             3:00

Slam Free or Die                                                                                   Manchester, New Hampshire      July 19              9:00

Open Mic @Empire                                                                               Portland, Maine                          July 9                9:00

C&P Celebration  ~  Exquisite Corpse Contributor                                 Seattle, Washington                   June  17            5:00


Winter 2018

Mac’s Triangle Pub - Richard Hugo’s Hometown Birthday White Center, Washington December 21 7:00

Poetry Bridge Times @ C&P Coffee Seattle Washington 2nd Wednesdays 7:00