Pontoon Poetry excerpt from Affordances, Tacit Agreements and Back Doors

Adana Literary Journal My Drishti is a Spinning Top

35 Years Later I Still Stutter When I Hear Pachelbel’s Canon In D Major


Books and Anthologies

So It Goes: Volume VII Lonesome No More The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library.

                                                                                  She Thought She Heard A Voice


Montana Mouthful - Secrets                                            Afternoon Bridge At The Senior Center In May,




Books and Anthologies

Weasel Press:  How Well You Walk Through Madness      She Ain’t Heavy

Robocup: DEFY!                                                             One Pink Tutu

The Wild Word: POETRY  A Wild Word Anthology           Sometimes My Head Hurts

Main St Rag: Of Burgers and Barrooms                           On The Road


The Wild Word                      Falsified    &    Sometimes My Head Hurts 

Eyedrum Periodically            When A Penis Meant You Used The Men’s Room

Eyedrum Periodically             When Mom Drank Whiskey

Pilcrow & Dagger                  He Left

Pilcrow & Dagger                  Sunday Afternoon