Judith Camann is a poet, knitter and education specialist living  in Seattle Washington. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Judith has spent years traveling without spanning oceans.  She learned early in life that there are cultures and sub-cultures within our continent that are too often taken for naught.  Traveling thorough streets, neighborhoods and homes, waiting in lines, waiting for her number to be called, living by-and-large has brought her to people and places, situations and language, values and beliefs far from her safe childhood haven. Every day she finds an inspiration worthy of writing as well as a continued appreciation for human life and all it's curiosities.

Earning multiple advanced degrees in early childhood education, special education and counseling; for over a quarter century Judith has taught and created programs from childcare centers to elementary and high schools on through the University  of Washington and Seattle Pacific University in their respective schools of education.

In 2016 she returned to the challenge of being a student for yet another advanced degree; this time earning the terminal degree of a  MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University.